What is Cython? Python at the speed of C

Python has a fame for being one of the most handy, richly outfitted, and downright helpful programming languages. Execution speed? Not a lot.

Enter Cython. The Cython language is a superset of Python that compiles to C. This yields efficiency boosts that may vary from a number of p.c to a number of orders of magnitude, relying on the job at hand. For work sure by Python’s native object sorts, the speedups gained’t be massive. But for numerical operations, or any operations not involving Python’s personal internals, the features might be huge.

With Cython, you’ll be able to skirt many of Python’s native limitations or transcend them fully—with out having to surrender Python’s ease and comfort. In this text, we’ll stroll by means of the fundamental ideas behind Cython and create a easy Python utility that makes use of Cython to speed up one of its capabilities.

Compile Python to C

Python code could make calls instantly into C modules. Those C modules might be both generic C libraries or libraries constructed particularly to work with Python. Cython generates the second type of module: C libraries that discuss to Python’s internals, and that may be bundled with current Python code.

Cython code appears to be like so much like Python code, by design. If you feed the Cython compiler a Python program (Python 2.x and Python 3.x are each supported), Cython will settle for it as-is, however none of Cython’s native accelerations will come into play. But if you happen to beautify the Python code with kind annotations in Cython’s particular syntax, Cython will be capable of substitute quick C equivalents for gradual Python objects.

Note that Cython’s method is incremental. That means a developer can start with an current Python utility, and speed it up by making spot modifications to the code, somewhat than rewriting the complete utility.

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