The Best Heavy Armor Sets, Ranked

For each character, there’s an ideal set of armor in The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. If a participant chooses to go down the tankier route and make a close-combat, heavy-damage Dragonborn, likelihood is they’re going to most probably make investments perks within the heavy armor talent tree. Heavy armor is nice for two-handed fighters who like to remain shut up and private and dish out a ton of harm whereas having the ability to maintain loads as nicely.

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There are a number of nice heavy armor units for such character builds. Wearing a full set can be a terrific bonus, offered the participant has unlocked the perks inside the heavy armor talent tree that grants highly effective boosts when sporting solely heavy armor. Here are the very best Heavy Armor units in Skyrim gamers can spend money on.

Updated on January 4, 2023 by Ritwik Mitra: Skyrim is a sport that wants no introduction. Bethesda’s magnum opus was destined for achievement from the very second it was introduced, with the following launch of Skyrim being adored by the plenty for its emphasis on participant freedom, with the huge world of Skyrim being virtually immediately explorable from the phrase go.

Of course, the world additionally had its justifiable share of risks that compelled gamers to watch out earlier than making an attempt to try such a dangerous activity… which is the place armor proved to be fairly helpful. Heavy armor is very notable on this regard, with the immense defensive enhance caused by sporting this garb being fairly notable certainly. Here are all of the greatest heavy armors in Skyrim and the way they stack up towards one another.


22/22 Ancient Nord Armor

Skyrim Ancient Nord Armor Set
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Forelhost, Nordic Ruins, Aela The Huntress after marriage

Despite being the worst heavy armor set in Skyrim, the Ancient Nord Armor set is definitely fairly uncommon to search out and full. While most draugr will put on items of the set, most of them do not really drop the armor as loot. Luckily, the armor is there extra for its look than its utility.

One of the important thing methods of getting this armor set is to search out it at Forelhost or buy it from Aela The Huntress. Random items of it could be discovered all throughout Skyrim, sometimes in Nordic Ruins. It will look good on an armor stand however supplies the worst collective armor ranking. Despite being a nasty set, it has a excessive crafting requirement. It can solely be made on the Skyforge with the Daedric Smithing perk.

21/22 Iron Armor (Regular And Banded)

Skyrim Banded Iron Armor Set
  • Armor Rating:
    60 (common), 63 (banded)
  • How To Get:
    Commonly present in random loot, retailers, in addition to Shroudhearth Barrow, Riverwood, and Helgen

Iron armor is actually only a copy of Ancient Nordic armor, however it’s far more widespread and has its personal distinct look. The common sort specifically could be very simple to search out early within the sport, with some items obtainable in Helgen as quickly as the sport begins.

There’s additionally a banded model of iron armor, which is a bit higher when it comes to armor ranking however nonetheless clearly a newbie’s armor set in Skyrim. All in all, it is a set that the Dragonborn will probably put on when the sport begins however will quickly graduate out of. The bonus is that iron armor could be crafted with none Smithing perks or ranges.

20/22 Imperial Armor (Regular, Officer’s Helmet, And Closed Helmet)

Skyrim Imperial Legion
  • Armor Rating:
    60 (common), 62 (officer’s helmet), 63 (closed helmet)
  • How To Get:
    Helgen and when becoming a member of the Imperial Legion

Imperial armor is one other variant of iron armor. It has the identical base armor ranking of 60 however has a singular look to it. It additionally is available in three differing types, relying on the form of helmet the Dragonborn chooses to go for. The closed helmet sort is the very best variant, because it supplies essentially the most armor.

This is one other extraordinarily early sport heavy armor set in Skyrim. It will not serve the participant nicely previous a number of ranges, however it may be a pleasant beginning armor for almost any character construct that depends closely on heavy armor. To craft it, the Steel Smithing perk is required, in addition to degree 20 of Smithing.

19/22 Falmer Armor

The Dragonborn Wearing Falmer Armor
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Can both be discovered within the Mzinchaleft Depths or crafted with Chaurus Chitin

The Farmer Armor undoubtedly looks like a slightly impractical go well with of armor to put on whereas making an attempt to keep away from blows. It leaves the midriff of the Dragonborn broad open for assaults whereas additionally blocking their imaginative and prescient with some of the impractical designs within the sport.

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However, for some motive, even this baffling design did not stop the Falmer Armor from having a decent armor ranking within the sport. Of course, this armor is definitely outclassed by a lot of the different heavy armor in Skyrim.

18/22 Wolf Armor

Skyrim Wolf armor
  • Armor Rating Without Shield:
  • HowTo Get:
    Eorlund Gray-Mane’s store (should be part of Companions first)

The Wolf Armor is a surprisingly cool set that may be seen on lots of the members of the Companions upon becoming a member of them. Not many gamers might have seen, however this armor set may also be purchased from Eorlund Gray-Mane after they’ve accomplished the Proving Honor quest within the Companions faction.

Although this heavy armor set seems to be good, it isn’t that sturdy in the long term and shortly turns into out of date compared to Dwarven armor as an illustration. That being mentioned, it supplies a pleasant base armor of 72 when a full set of it’s worn.

17/22 Steel Armor

Skyrim Steel Armor

Tied with the Wolf Armor, metal armor is a bit simpler to search out whereas adventuring in Skyrim. Most random loot and retailers can have metal armor, so gamers will not be having a tough time in any respect to search out at the very least a number of items of it right here and there. It’s an honest early sport selection as nicely, upgrading from iron armor.

To craft metal armor, degree 20 of Smithing is required, as is the Steel Smithing perk.

16/22 Bonemold Armor

Skyrim bonemold armor
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    DLC, could be bought from Glover Mallory at Raven Rock

The Bonemold Armor is one other set launched first within the Dragonborn DLC. Upon getting into Raven Rock specifically, the participant will spot it on native Redoran guards. Like the Chitin Heavy Armor, it is offered by Glover Mallory and worn often by Reavers.

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With the proper degree of Smithing, which on this case is just 15, the participant can craft their very own set with bone meal, Netch leather-based, and iron ingots. A full set has a reasonably good armor ranking of 73 and continues to be lackluster in comparison with lots of the base sport heavy armor units discovered later in Skyrim.

15/22 Dwarven Armor

Dwarven Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Commonly present in random loot, particularly in Dwemer ruins like Nchuand-Zel

One of the extra widespread heavy armor units to search out in Dwemer ruins, this one can be pretty simple to craft. The participant will have to be degree 30 in Smithing, with the Dwarven perk unlocked. The issue with crafting this armor set is that it requires Dwarven metallic ingots, which have to be smelted from Dwarven metallic scraps.

It’s a pleasant mid-game heavy armor set in Skyrim to have however rapidly outlives its effectiveness. Nchuand-Zel is among the greatest areas to discover a full set in if the participant urgently requires one

14/22 Dawnguard Heavy Armor

Dawnguard Heavy Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Requires the
    DLC, obtained when becoming a member of the Dawnguard faction

The Dawnguard DLC additionally launched a model new armor set: the Dawnguard Heavy armor. If the participant joins the vampire hunter faction, they’re going to be capable of obtain this armor upon becoming a member of. To get the helmet, nevertheless, it must be purchased from Gunmar.

Much like different faction-related armor units, this heavy armor cannot be crafted from scratch. That being mentioned, it may be upgraded utilizing metal ingots.

13/22 Falmer Hardened Armor

Skyrim falmer hardened armor set
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Commonly present in
    DLC, on high-level Falmers

Found within the Dawnguard DLC, this Falmer Hardened Armor is a weaker variant of the Falmer Heavy Armor. It seems to be totally the identical as its stronger model however has a considerably decrease base armor ranking. The armor could be typically looted off of high-level Falmer enemies like Warmongers and Shadowmasters.

The items cannot be crafted, however they are often upgraded with Chaurus chitin. The base armor ranking for a full set is 78 factors, which makes this heavy armor set form of weak because it ranks a lot decrease than units which are a lot simpler to search out throughout Skyrim and earlier on within the sport.

12/22 Improved Bonemold Armor

Improved Bonemold Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Read the Bonemold Formula notice on the finish of the Paid in Full quest to get the crafting recipe

The thought of utilizing bone as armor may sound fairly harebrained, however logic does not essentially want to use in a fantasy world filled with magic and dragons. So, it isn’t all that onerous to see why the Bonemold Armor capabilities as an honest go well with of heavy armor within the sport.

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If the bottom armor is not adequate, there’s an improved model of the identical that may be acquired after finishing a sure quest. The Improved Bonemold Armor set is fairly beefy and may tank many assaults, even when the element itself won’t appear all that highly effective.

11/22 Chitin Heavy Armor

Skyrim chitin heavy armor
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    DLC, reliably acquired after killing Vendil Severin throughout the quest Served Cold

Players who’ve the Dragonborn DLC can have entry to this very distinctive and funky Chitin Heavy Armor set, which is impressed by the Morag Tong gentle armor variant. It’s a surprisingly light-weight set as nicely, making it a great heavy armor set in Skyrim.

The Chitin Heavy Armor set supplies an armor ranking of 87 when a full set is worn. It could be discovered throughout Solstheim as loot, however Glover Mallory can even promote it over at Raven Rock. Reavers are the very best goal to loot a full set. With excessive sufficient Smithing, the participant may also craft their very own set with Netch leather-based, chitin plate, and corundum ingots.

10/22 Steel Plate Armor

Steel Plate Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Can be discovered as random loot or purchasable gear. Can even be crafted

Steel Plate Armor is a fairly widespread piece of armor that gamers can simply get after reaching degree 18 in Skyrim. It’s a great mid-game armor to make use of except gamers wish to go for extra distinctive and unique variants.

A particular factor to notice in regards to the Steel Plate Armor is that it could possibly solely be crafted if gamers have invested in gentle armor smithing. It may sound odd, however that is removed from the one armor that receives this particular therapy.

9/22 Ahzidal’s Armor

Male & Female Versions Of Ahzidal's Armor Of Retribution From Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Obtained in Kolbjorn Barrow

Speaking of distinctive armor, a terrific set that gamers can use in the event that they handle to acquire the identical at a related degree is Ahzidal’s Armor. It’s a customized set of Nord Armor with higher stats that may carry gamers for a decently very long time certainly.

As a bonus, gamers who’re making an attempt to be Enchanters will likely be well-serviced by the ten bonus factors bequeathed by this whole set. All in all, Ahzidal’s Armor is a fairly nice heavy armor set, though it outlives its usefulness some time earlier than the late-game begins.

8/22 Blades Armor

Blades Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Sky Haven Temple, contained in the armory

Related in fact to the Blades faction, which is joined throughout the principle questline, the armor of the faction cannot be crafted. That being mentioned, discovering it is not very tough, and there is one set location the participant can anticipate to find it. It may also be upgraded, ultimately.

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When getting into Sky Haven temple, the Blades heavy armor set is contained in the armory room and could be looted from the chest. Steel ingots can be utilized to improve it, and with a protect, the armor ranking is bumped considerably to 114.

7/22 Orcish Armor

Orcish Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Commonly present in loot, could be purchased from retailers, discovered at Largashbur

Another nice base sport heavy armor set in Skyrim, Orcish armor will start to look randomly in chests after the participant has reached roughly 26 ranges. Fairly widespread at retailers and orc camps as nicely, it is easy to search out but in addition it is doable to craft a set.

To really craft it, the participant’s Smithing must be at the very least degree 50 and so they’ll want the Orcish Smithing perk. With a protect, the armor ranking is bumped as much as 120.

6/22 Nordic Carved Armor

Nordic Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Requires the
    DLC, discovered as random loot in dungeons and worn by reavers and bandit leaders

Another armor set launched within the Dragonborn DLC is the Nordic Carved armor set, which lastly gave gamers an honest Nordic heavy armor set in Skyrim. It’s fairly simple to search out items of it in a wide range of dungeons as loot.

Or, if the participant desires to, they’ll additionally craft one at degree 50 of Smithing if they’ve the Advanced Armors perk unlocked. With a protect included, the armor ranking of the set is 119.

5/22 Ebony Armor

Ebony Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Random loot and retailers previous a sure degree, in addition to the Ebony Warrior

One of the coolest-looking units within the sport, ebony armor is one thing that may start to spawn naturally in loot round degree 33. It may also be, although one must have a Smithing of 80 and the ebony Smithing perk unlocked.

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The full set with a protect will give the participant an unimaginable armor ranking of 128, making this nice heavy armor in Skyrim well worth the grind. If gamers can afford to attend, they’ll gather a full set from the Ebony Warrior after defeating him.

4/22 Falmer Heavy

Falmer Heavy Armor Set
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Requires the
    DLC, looted from high-level Falmer enemies

The higher Falmer heavy armor, this set solely seems on essentially the most vicious of Falmer enemies. Warmongers and Shadowmasters have the best probability of dropping items of this armor as soon as the Dawnguard DLC is put in.

This armor cannot be crafted, identical to its weaker model, however it’s doable to improve with chaurus chitin. Overall, it is a terrific heavy armor set in Skyrim, making it well worth the grind.

3/22 Dragonplate Armor

Dragonplate Armor in Skyrim
  • Armor Rating:
  • How To Get:
    Rarely in random loot, greatest to craft self

After killing all these dragons and getting their bones, it is solely pure they’re good for one thing, proper? Well, the Dragonplate armor is definitely among the many prime greatest heavy armor units in Skyrim and is often simpler to craft at Smithing 100 with the Dragon Armor perk, as discovering this can be very unlikely — although doable after degree 40.

For the total set, the participant will want each Dragon Bones and Dragon Scales. With a protect, the set’s ranking involves about 136. It’s the primary set that bumps the total set ranking above 100 factors and is the third-best heavy armor set in Skyrim.

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