The 5 best portable power stations of 2023

A portable power Station is an essential piece of equipment to ensure that devices such as smartphones, radios, and medical equipment are always charged during an emergency. Many power stations You can use both standard AC outlets as well as USB ports to power multiple devices. of All devices at once Portable power stations, They are more efficient than traditional generators in that they don’t need gasoline, kerosene, or propane to run. This not only saves time and money on engine maintenance but also makes battery backups safer indoors.

Power stations You also have a wider selection of power There are many output options available to you than traditional generators. If If you want to keep your phone plugged in and the radio on, there are portable inverters. But If you have to keep high-quality records, and power You can purchase items such as CPAP, oxygen machines, or even kitchen appliances running. power Station that produces an equivalent amount of electricity to that of A traditional generator.

Portable power stations They are also quieter and more efficient than traditional generators. They have push-button starts and instant-on capabilities. No need to worry about pull-starts and warm-up cycles. If If you would like to know more, please click here on The differences between portable power stations Traditional generators, and our special feature. This covers everything from cost and energy requirements to how weather and even earthquakes can affect your emergency. power options. You can also visit our list of The Best Home generators available for emergency situations in the whole home power.

AlsoBest Extreme weather tech Power outage gear


  • LCD display
  • OneStart with a -button
  • Solar panels

Features: 110 volts | 110 volts | 7 total ports

The Jackery Solar Generator 1000 is designed to provide you with reliable, safe information power In the event of In an emergency It has a 1000-watt output. This means you can charge your phone, keep it running, or set up a space heater to keep warm during winter storms. It Features 3 standard AC outlets that can be used to plug in medical devices, lamps, and heated blankets. There are also 2 USB-C ports and 2 USB Type-A ports for charging electronic devices.

The LCD display is easy to read and allows you to quickly see how much you have. power You can now buy solar panels for eco-friendly recharging. They are also great to use for steady power. power during summer storm outages. You can instantly get electricity by pressing a button. The battery-powered system doesn’t require you to worry about charging the battery or venting harmful fumes.

You can also check out our reviews of This generator, as well as the Upgraded Jackery Solar Generator.


  • Solar Batteries power
  • Wheels For portability
  • Heavy-duty use

Features: 2,000 watts | 120 volts | 106 pounds

This home battery backup is for heavy-duty usage. It Features 7 types of power and a powerful 2,000-watt output (120 volts). of Outlets for powering almost everything in your house. Goal Zero The electric generator claims that it can keep a standard fridge running for more than 100 hours, a CPAP machine going for more than 90 hours, and lamps going for almost 550hrs.

The generator is compact in size but weighs in at a heavy 106 pounds. LuckilyIt’s mounted on a trolley with wheels to make it easier for you to place it where you need it. The AC outlets can be used as USB ports or standard AC outlets. Yeti 6000X has inputs to connect Goal Zero solar panels. Attaching Solar panels allow you to charge your unit faster than wall outlets and keep your generator running smoothly for extended periods of time. power outages.


  • Fast Charge feature
  • Solar panels available
  • Charge Up to 15 devices can be used at once

Features: Up To 52,000 watts| Up To 100 volts | 6 outlets

The Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 is one of The fastest-charging home battery backups available. When you charge it over a standard wall outlet (or any other type of outlet), you can get up to 80 percent battery in 65 minutes, and a full charge in under 2 hours. This makes it ideal for emergencies such as summer storms and winter weather. You can quickly charge the generator while still keeping an eye out for news alerts. With A remarkable 5000-watt output allows you to charge and power You can have up to 15 devices simultaneously, including refrigerators, CPAP machines, and electric or induction ranges.

Ecopower It is also claimed that you can daisy chain several Delta Max 2000 units combined to create even greater power For your home. And The companion app makes it easy for you to keep an eye on the situation power Problems before they become serious problems should be caught early. Like This model is more eco-friendly than other battery backups available on the market. It can be charged via solar panels to make it more eco-friendly. power.

You You can find out more about the Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 in our comprehensive review.


  • Compact design
  • 1600W peak
  • Tons of Outlets

Features: 8 outlets| 29 pounds | 8 outlets

The Generac If you are looking for a great deal, GB1000 is a great choice. portable power Station that’s more compact It measures 14 x 12×10 in inches. of It weighs 29 lbs, so it is heavy but can still be carried on camping trips and to job sites. It Provides a peak power output of 1600 watts and a steady, continuous output of 1000 watts. This means you can charge your mobile phones, run medical equipment, or even run mini-fridges and air conditioners at the event. of An outage. It even has a 12V outlet to charge specialized devices or car accessories.



  • Most Cheap option
  • Lightweight
  • LCD screen

Features: 7 outlets| 6.35 pounds | 7 outlets

The Westinghouse iGen300s is one of If you are looking for a battery backup for your home, these are the best options. This 300-watt, the continuous-watt electric generator can be purchased for under $300 power essential equipment. It has both standard AC outlets as well as USB ports. The flashlight can be used to navigate dark areas or provide emergency illumination. You have two options: you can charge the unit via a solar panel or wall outlet. This gives you both intermittent and continuous charging options. power during emergencies.

Westinghouse This unit is claimed to be able to power A CPAP machine can run for up 23 hours and can charge your smartphone up to 31 times. The integrated LCD screen displays vital information at a glance: you can see battery status, charging status, temperature warnings as well as electrical inputs and outputs. Plus you can monitor USB ports to detect problems before they become serious.

The best portable power station is the Jackery Solar Generator 1000. It The 1000-watt output is sufficient to power To charge your mobile device, run a mini fridge, or to carry essential medical equipment on a camping trip. power outage. It Also, there are solar panels that can be used continuously. power If a wall outlet cannot be found.

Power Station Price Wattage # of ports
Jackery Solar Generator 1000 $1649 1000 watts 7
Goal Zero Yeti 6000X $4800 2000 watts 7
Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 $1599 Up Up to 5000 watts 6
Generac GB1000 $999 1600 watts 8
Westinghouse iGen300s $279 600 watts 7

Any of These portable power stations These are some great options that you can choose from power It’s all about what you need and at what price.

Choose This portable power station… If You can do what you like
Jackery Solar Generator 1000 The Best Overall option
Goal Zero Yeti 6000X A power This station is ideal for emergencies.
Ecoflow Delta Max 2000 Fast charging portable power station.
Generac GB1000 Compact, but powerful portable power station
Westinghouse iGen300s A budget-friendly portable power station.

These are the choices for portable power stations After extensive research into the product category. We Comparison factors such as price, reviews (both positive and negative), wattage, number of Outlets, and the weight of Each power station.

A generator is often used to restore. power Your entire home or at least most of Your home as long as you have enough fuel to power The generator.

A battery backup has a lower energy capacity and is therefore not as reliable. best Used to keep important equipment such as sump pumps, CPAP machines, and space heaters humming until they die. power It is now restored. Battery Backup systems do not require gasoline, kerosene, or propane to operate, making them safer for indoor use.

It Depends on the backup unit’s power Capacity and the number of devices you have connected to it. Lower Wattage units can only provide you with about 10 hours of power of emergency power while higher-wattage units might give you more days’ worth of use, of electricity. Many Newer battery backup systems can be charged via solar panels. This gives you the ability to continue charging for long periods of time. power outages.

The best How to determine your emergency power It is important to create a definitive list of You’d like your devices to continue working during an outage. Do you simply want to keep your phones topped up and a radio plugged in to receive weather alerts? You should choose a low-wattage backup. Are you unable to use standard appliances or medical equipment? It’s It is better to spend on a higher-wattage backup system.

Once You have a list Add up the voltage and wattage of your devices to find the minimum output your battery backup system should produce. It’s better to have a backup than one that struggles.

Two of the options below nearly made it onto our list. They are also great choices.

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