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Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet mark the ninth Generation of Pokemon, introducing species new and outdated to the Paldea area. Building off of eight Generations value of Pokemon, there are greater than sufficient references and Easter eggs to earlier entries within the franchise. Some are apparent whereas others take a little bit of exploring to search out.

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Thanks to the open world mechanic of Scarlet & Violet, gamers are free to go to most cities in any order they need. Occasionally, speak to an NPC in a brand new metropolis. They could have one thing attention-grabbing to say that’ll level a Scarlet/Violet participant within the course of an Easter egg. Like earlier mainline Pokemon video games, discovering Easter eggs/references does not give any rewards. Despite this, they will nonetheless be attention-grabbing to search out merely for nostalgia’s sake.


10/10 Pokemon Tower’s Ghost

pokemon scarlet violet ghost terastallized-1

Scarlet/Violet does away with Mega Evolution and Dynamaxing with a brand new mechanic referred to as Terastallizing. A Pokemon’s Typing when Terastallized is indicated by their Tera Jewel: Electric-Type Tera Pokemon have a large lightbulb over their head whereas Fire-type have a candelabra, and so on. However, it is the Ghost-type Tera Jewel that followers could acknowledge.

When a Pokemon Terastallizes right into a Ghost-type in Scarlet/Violet, its Tera Jewel seems because the ??? Ghost Pokemon from Red/Blue/Yellow. In Generation 1, gamers can not hurt the ??? Pokemon and even catch it. They’ll want using the Silph Scope Key Item to establish a ??? Ghost on the second-to-last ground in an effort to progress Red/Blue/Yellow‘s important story. While the ??? Ghost seems because the spirit of a Marowak in Red/Blue/Yellow, this isn’t the case in Scarlet/Violet, the place the ??? Ghost is just a throwback to the primary era for longtime followers of the collection.

9/10 Pixel Art

pokemon scarlet violet pixel art alfornado

One of the extra apparent references in Scarlet/Violet are the pixel sprite paintings throughout the Alfornado’s Observatory. The partitions of the observatory are embellished with photos of the Pokemon get together sprites from Generation 1-2. Back within the early days of Pokemon, particular person sprites didn’t exist till Generation 3. Meaning, for instance, a Caterpie would have the identical sprite icon as a Venonat regardless of being utterly completely different species. The just one who had their very own distinctive pixel sprite on the time was Pikachu again in Pokemon Yellow.

There’s an NPC in Alfornado that even mentions the observatory paintings “reminding them of some form of outdated online game.” In this case, it’s. The observatory with the pixel artwork can be the place Scarlet/Violet gamers battle Tulip, a Gym Leader who excels in Psychic-type Pokemon.

8/10 Galar: A History

pokemon scarlet violet swsh sonia

Pokemon Sword/Shield gamers could also be acquainted with characters like Hop, Leon, and Sonia. While Hop and Leon are usually not referenced in Scarlet/Violet, Sonia will get her personal reference, however provided that gamers know the place to look. Sonia is the granddaughter of Professor Magnolia. Throughout Sword/Shield, Sonia runs into the participant character whereas doing analysis on Galar’s historical past. By the top, she’s revealed a novel referred to as “Galar: A History” that particulars all her finidngs.

In Scarlet/Violet, gamers can discover Sonia’s ebook within the faculty library. From the entrance desk, take the left stairs to the third ground. There’s a inexperienced ebook poking out the cabinets to the left of the Heath bust. Reading “Galar: A History” particulars the occasions of Sword/Shield the place Trainer Bede destroyed the Stow-on-Side mural with Chairman Rose’s Copperajah.

7/10 “The Power of Science!”

pokemon scarlet violet

In every mainline Pokemon sport, there’s all the time been an NPC within the beginning city that talks about “the ability of science.” He normally talks about ‘the multiplayer side of Pokemon, corresponding to methods to commerce Pokemon. While he is removed from an essential character within the franchise, he is been part of the Pokemon video games because the starting, and a few followers have had enjoyable looking for him in every beginning metropolis.

The “energy of science” man could be discovered on the highway of Cabo Poco. The first time Scarlet/Violet gamers will see him is once they’re taking a stroll with the Starter Pokemon. Talk to this NPC and he’ll point out the Union Circle and the way it’s attainable to enter one other Scarlet/Violet participant’s sport.

pokemon scarlet violet pokestar studios

Pokemon Black 2/White 2 was a sequel to Black/White, increasing on the world of Unova. In Virbank City, there’s a spot referred to as the Pokestar Studios that unlocks after defeating Virbank’s Gym Leader, Roxie. Here, Black 2/White 2 had the chance to make their very own films in an effort to assist a person named Stu Deeoh. The reward for capturing a film modifications based mostly on the Ending.

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Scarlet/Violet does not have their very own Pokestar Studios, however it does have an look by way of its brand. The Poke Maniacs are a category of trainers that put on Pokemon-themed clothes. On their shirt is a white, star image. This is definitely the emblem for Black 2/White 2‘s Pokestar Studios. It could be simple to overlook if gamers aren’t paying consideration. Unfortunately, there is not a Pokestar Studios shirt for the participant character since they can not put on something however their faculty uniform.

5/10 Alola Map in Languages Class

pokemon scarlet violet salvatore-1

Alola was the area for Sun/Moon and Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon in Generation 7. It was the primary place the place regional variants of Pokemon existed (corresponding to Alolan Meowth and Alolan Vulpix), which began an onward pattern of regional Pokemon for every new mainline sport. While there are a handful of Alola Pokemon in Paldea, the area itself does not make an look in Scarlet/Violet past an easy-to-miss cameo.

Salvatore is the Languages trainer at Naranja/Uva Academy. If Scarlet/Violet gamers observe the board throughout a Languages class, they will see a faint map of the Alola area buried below photos and an icon of Alolan Raichu. Despite the Alola area’s cameo, it is by no means said what area Salvatore lived in earlier than arriving in Paldea..

4/10 Professor Laventon Cameo

pokemon scarlet violet raifort-1

It’s troublesome to find out the place Pokemon Legends: Arceus sits within the line of Pokemon video games or if it is simply an alternate department from Diamond/Pearl. In any case, Legends: Arceus takes place in historical Sinnoh, which was as soon as referred to as the Hisui. Here, the participant character is discovered by Professor Laventon, who’s a member of the Galaxy Team and in command of researching Pokemon and establishing the primary ever Pokedex.

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Many Scarlet/Violet gamers have already caught the Professor Laventon cameo in Raifort’s History courses. Unfortunately, Raifort does not point out Laventon by identify, however the board throughout her lectures shows a nostalgic-filtered picture (much like the filter L:A gamers can use on the studio in Jubilife Village) and the outdated, Hisui Poke Ball. Even if Legends: Arceus could not qualify as a mainline Pokemon sport to some, it is clear that Laventon’s left his mark in Pokemon historical past.

3/10 Legends: Arceus’ Pokedex

pokemon scarlet violet clavell

Every time a Pokemon is caught, its entry is recorded into the Pokedex. This additionally shows their motions/cry, peak, and weight. In Legends: Arceus, Pokedex entries required rather more work to unlock. There have been a collection of Research Tasks that gamers would wish to finish to get to Research Level 10. At this stage, the Pokemon’s entry would lastly be obtainable to learn. Considering this was the primary Pokedex, it is sensible why trainers would wish to watch a Pokemon utilizing a selected transfer, and so on.

Director Clavell might not be as outdated because the Sinnoh area, however he makes a remark about having to write down out the Pokedex entries again in his days. This is sensible provided that the digital Pokedex (first seen in Red/Blue) was developed by Professor Oak. So it is attainable Clavell needed to manually fill out Dex entries very like Rei/Akari in Legends: Arceus just because the digital model hadn’t existed but, or he simply did not have the technique of acquiring one from Kanto. Regardless, this could possibly be a reference to the Research Tasks in Legends: Arceus.

2/10 “Use Berries to Catch Pokemon”

pokemon scarlet violet jacq-1

Berries are normally held by a Pokemon in-battle to revive well being when in a pinch, to scale back the tremendous effectiveness of an incoming transfer, and extra. They may also be used the identical was as an everyday Potion or Full Heal in-battle. Catching Pokemon requires battling the Pokemon first, (generally) weakening it, then throwing a Ball. Berries have by no means been used within the Catching Pokemon course of exterior of Pokemon GO, Let’s Go, Pikachu!/Eevee!, and Legends: Arceus.

One of the questions that pops up in Jacq’s Biology lectures is methods to make it simpler to catch Pokemon. Out of the solutions he provides, there’s one that does not match, which is: “Give the Pokemon a Berry.” This is not attainable in a sport like Scarlet/Violet. However, Berries could be important to catching Pokemon in Pokemon GO, since gamers don’t battle wild Pokemon. This reply is the right one to decide on throughout Jacq’s lecture and on his midterm examination, and it might be a attainable reference to GO‘s gameplay mechanic.

1/10 Regional Phone Cases

pokemon scarlet violet arc phone

NPCs which have one thing essential to debate may have a yellow speech bubble over their head. Mesagoza is the primary huge metropolis that Scarlet/Violet gamers will come across. If they select to go searching, they could discover somebody standing by the entrance staircase. This NPC claims to have a capability to learn the “previous lives” of the participant character just by observing their Rotom Phone. Players may have 4 choices to select from solely if they’ve a save file for Sword/Shield, Let’s go, Pikachu!/Eevee!, Legends: Arceus, and/or Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl. Choosing one will earn them an unique cellphone case that may’t be purchased from Delibird Presents.

If gamers reply Hisui, they’re going to get a Pokedex based mostly on the Arc Phone from Hisui. As a bonus, this Rotom Phone Psychic may even marvel what Hisui is, and declare she’s by no means heard of it earlier than. If gamers reply Kanto, they’re going to get the Pika Vee cellphone case, which has Generation 1 artwork of Pikachu and Eevee battling from Pokemon Yellow. Choosing Sinnoh will get gamers the Poketch cellphone case. Finally, the Galar reply provides them the Ball Guy cellphone case.

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