Pokemon Scarlet and Violet New Legendary and Paradox Pokemon Tier List

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet got here with the very best variety of new critters ever since Gen 5, which made gamers excited to find all the probabilities supplied by the Paldea area. Gen 9’s many gimmicks should not restricted to gameplay options, but additionally embrace two new classes of pocket monsters within the type of the so-called “regional fakes” and Paradox Pokemon. While Wugtrio and Toedscruel did not go away the largest mark on the franchise, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Paradox Pokemon are extremely robust critters which might be seeing a whole lot of use.


Gen 9 additionally got here with the now iconic field Legendaries, Koraidon and Miraidon, in addition to different Legendary critters within the type of the Quartet of Ruin. These Pokemon are deeply linked to the lore and historical past of Paldea, and gamers can solely unlock them towards the tip of the sport. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Legendaries, like Paradox Pokemon, have wonderful stats and transfer swimming pools that make them stand out as a few of the finest creatures in all of Gen 9.

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S Tier


Flutter Mane: Arguably one of the vital ridiculously overpowered additions to the sport, Flutter Mane has very low stats by way of HP, Attack, and Defense, however then boasts 135 factors in every of the remaining ones. This critter additionally has an incredible kind mixture within the type of Fairy and Ghost, in addition to a really beneficiant protection because of strikes like Mystical Fire, Energy Ball, and Thunderbolt to call a couple of exterior of its STAB strikes. As such, Flutter Mane was banned from Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s aggressive battles from Smogon, and stays unusable within the present ranked season.

Miraidon: Although Miraidon’s kind combo of Dragon and Electric isn’t the perfect each defensively and offensively, this Legendary Pokemon is extraordinarily highly effective in PvE eventualities because of its self-buffing Electric Terrain, which it procs because of its Ability, Hadron Energy. Hadron Energy additionally will increase Miraidon’s Special Attack by round 30%, making it one of many hardest hitters in all of Gen 9 even with out additional buffs. Currently banned from official aggressive battles, Miraidon shines particularly in Tera Raids.

Roaring Moon: Considered top-of-the-line Paradox Pokemon in Gen 9, Roaring Moon is Paradox Salamence in its historical type, which retains its Dragon kind and exchanges Flying for Dark. While it’s 4 instances weak to Fairy strikes, Roaring Moon’s phenomenal stat distribution and transfer pool (which incorporates the likes of Iron Head and Earthquake) make it a power to be reckoned with that makes probably the most out of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Terastallization.

Iron Hands: Widely thought of the one finest Pokemon to solo Tera Raids, Iron Hands shortly climbed the recognition chart in Gen 9 when gamers found it will possibly use each Belly Drum and Drain Punch, making it just about immortal. With Belly Drum maximizing its Attack stat, Iron Hands can one-shot Tera Raid bosses in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, or on the very least weaken them significantly. Furthermore, no single kind within the recreation resists each Fighting and Electric, making assaults like Close Combat and Wild Charge unbelievable for one-shot methods.

Chien-Pao: One of the 4 Ruinous Pokemon, Chien-Pao is a particularly quick Ice/Dark Pokemon that has entry to prime strikes like Sucker Punch, Icicle Crash, and Sacred Sword. Its Ability lowers the Defense of all different Pokemon on the sphere, which makes Chien-Pao a significant offensive menace, particularly in double battles when paired with a bodily sweeper.

Chi-Yu: Chi-Yu might be thought of Chien-Pao’s counterpart within the sense that its Ability decreases the opposite Pokemon’s Special Defense, and it’s also Fire-type as a substitute of Ice. Originally used alongside Murkrow to win Pokemon Scarlet and Violet tournaments, Chi-Yu is a really promising particular sweeper that would rival even the likes of Gholdengo.

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A Tier

The pokedex cover for Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Koraidon: Although its stats are fairly just like these of Miraidon, Koraidon’s largest concern is that its related impact is harsh daylight, which does not do a lot for it by way of offense or protection. Granted, Koraidon’s Ability nonetheless will increase its Attack like Miraidon’s Hadron Engine, and the Pokemon Scarlet mascot has entry to some nice strikes as properly.

Iron Bundle: While the Varoom line is ironic for being sluggish regardless of being impressed by engines, the precise quickest new Pokemon in Gen 9 known as Iron Bundle, and it is the Paradox type of Delibird. Iron Bundle’s potential is finest exploited in aggressive battles because of its excessive Speed and Speed-controlling transfer in Icy Wind, in addition to highly effective assault strikes like Hydro Pump.

Iron Moth: Volcarona is one in every of two critters to get each an historical and future type in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, with the futuristic one being Iron Moth. Dropping its Bug kind in favor of Poison, Iron Moth has unbelievable protection and very highly effective strikes that make it an amazing menace, even when used within the remaining battle towards Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s Professors.

B Tier


Ting-Lu: The solely utterly new Ground-type Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, exterior of Clodsire (which is predicated on Quagsire’s design anyway), Ting-Lu is a really highly effective tank because of its excessive HP and defensive stats. On prime of that, it additionally comes with an Ability that lowers all different Pokemon’s Special Attack, which makes Ting-Lu inherently bulkier.

Brute Bonnet: Initially, Brute Bonnet was obtained as a worse type of Amoonguss on account of it being Grass and Dark, which nets its many weaknesses and a handful of resistances. However, Brute Bonnet nonetheless packs the utility strikes that make Amoonguss one of many prime 5 Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, reminiscent of Spore and Rage Powder, nevertheless it additionally has a good Attack stat that may be fairly disruptive when mixed with strikes like Bullet Seed and Sucker Punch.

Iron Valiant: Even although Iron Valiant is among the neighborhood’s favourite new Paradox Pokemon, this mixed futuristic type of Gardevoir and Gallade falls quick in its stat distribution. While nonetheless wonderful for probably the most half, Iron Valiant isn’t quick sufficient to make it a dependable sweeper, and it isn’t sluggish sufficient to work properly below Trick Room. On prime of that, its blended offensive stats do not permit it to excel in a single discipline over the opposite.

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C Tier

The pokedex cover for Scream Tail in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Scream Tail: Scream Tail is a disappointing Pokemon within the sense that it beneficial properties Psychic as a secondary kind, however does not actually have offensive Psychic-type strikes to make use of. The Paradox type of Jigglypuff packs a whole lot of utility by way of assist, however apart from that, it leaves rather a lot to be desired.

Slither Wing: Like Iron Moth, Slither Wing loses one in every of Volcarona’s authentic varieties to achieve one other, on this case, buying and selling Fire for Fighting. While it has good strikes that make it menacing to a level, with the likes of First Impression and Close Combat, this crawling moth could be very underwhelming within the defensive division.

Wo-Chien: The remaining Pokemon of the Ruinous Quartet, Wo-Chien is arguably the worst of the bunch on account of its kind combo, Grass/Dark, which makes it very frail on the defensive aspect. Its stats and strikes do not actually assist it an excessive amount of, with one in every of its solely saving graces being Giga Drain.

Iron Jugulis: The Paradox type of Hydreigon, Iron Jugulis is among the most disappointing Gen 9 Pokemon. This is especially on account of the truth that Hydreigon is such an excellent critter that Iron Jugulis pales compared, solely having barely larger Speed that would doubtlessly make it a good Tailwind setter – however even then, it is outclassed by an unevolved Gen 2 Pokemon within the type of Murkrow.

Iron Thorns: Like Iron Jugulis, Iron Thorns suffers from the comparability with Tyranitar. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet make Tyranitar an odd case as a result of it will get what can solely be described as a downgrade of its common type, this time buying and selling its 4 instances weak point to Fighting for one to Ground. As such, Iron Thorns stays equally frail in comparison with Tyranitar, and it additionally lacks its offensive energy or utility with Sand Stream.

D Tier


Iron Treads: While Iron Treads’ kind isn’t unhealthy per se, its middling stats and particularly its very lackluster transfer pool make the long run type of Donphan only a Pokemon that may hardly be used exterior of the primary playthrough. As such, it stays an underwhelming addition in each PvE and PvP, particularly in probably the most excessive utility of those departments – Tera Raids and aggressive battles.

Sandy Shocks: Although Sandy Shocks must be given props for its authentic design, its kind mixture and stats make it extraordinarily underwhelming in comparison with the remainder of the Paradox Pokemon. While Ground/Electric isn’t a nasty typing in and of itself, Sandy Shocks is only a blended bag that fails to shine in any appreciable manner.

Great Tusk: With abysmal Special Defense, Great Tusk is sadly doomed to be destroyed by most different critters. A base Speed of 87 additionally does not assist it, making the traditional Paradox type of Donphan tough to make use of each in common matchups and below Trick Room. Overall, whereas the kind mixture is astounding, Great Tusk is hardly an excellent Pokemon, to start with.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be found now on Nintendo Switch.

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