Most Expensive Animal Crossing: New Horizons Furniture

Nintendo’s newest rendition of Animal Crossing is especially loaded with items to gather and content material to soak up. This features a myriad of distinctive furnishings, houseware, and ornamental aptitude to spruce up one’s island paradise.

Shelling out for cool gadgets to admire and showcase to associates really provides to this recreation’s pleasurable, rewarding nature. As one may count on, a few of the neatest furnishings are these that may value a reasonably penny, to say the least. New Horizons actually runs the gamut when it comes to worth tags, starting from only a handful of Bells to a whole bunch of 1000’s.

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This checklist will spotlight the most costly ornamental gadgets and furnishings amongst this huge catalog of a whole bunch. These are some really elegant goodies which can be positive to impress island guests.

Updated January 2, 2023, by Stephen LaGioia: 2020’sAnimal Crossing: New Horizons reminded avid gamers of the collection’ distinctive, stress-free appeal and rewarding sim gameplay. Since then, varied updates (particularly the strong 2.0), additions, and the Happy Home Paradise DLC have breathed new life into this alluring social recreation. A slew of recent gadgets, seasonal occasions, and added villagers have stored gamers coming again to their digital island paradise. But it is the large laundry checklist of recent furnishings and houseware gadgets that actually stands out. With so many extra to take a look at—and plenty of new costly Animal Crossing: New Horizons gadgets to purchase and promote—it was time to revisit this checklist.


20/20 Aluminum Briefcase (100,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons surprised reaction at Aluminum Briefcase

Some could recall the current May Day occasion, a cryptic puzzle that tasked gamers with reaching the tip of a hedge maze utilizing a handful of instruments and gadgets. Those who accomplished the puzzle could be gifted the briefcase of the occasion’s feline arranger, Rover. While the occasion lasted only a week, inhabitants can nonetheless shell out 100,000 Bells for this related work-related merchandise.

Like many of the pricier gadgets within the recreation, the worth of the briefcase actually comes from its inheritor of exclusivity relatively than any sensible use. It will be offered again for 25,000 Bells—not unhealthy for a relatively easy merchandise.

19/20 Server (100,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Server room

Animal Crossing techies ought to actually get a kick out of this computerized tower. As per common, the merchandise does not operate in any sensible manner, although it does “serve” as a neat solution to deck out one’s laptop room or tech-themed space. Its show of flashing lights and audible beeps produce a high-tech vibe that is enjoyable to absorb.

Still, these trying to downsize from this monstrosity of computing can flip it again at Nook’s Cranny for 25,000 Bells.

18/20 Desktop Computer (100,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons sitting and smiling in front of Desktop Computer

As is the case in actual life, shelling out for a brand new desktop laptop could be a hefty funding. In the world of Animal Crossing, although, this apparently extends to PCs that appear to have been plucked out of the early 2000s.

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One neat side of this merchandise is that it may be personalized by the use of Nook’s Cranny customization kits. These enable gamers to light up their desktop screens with visuals starting from search engines like google to programming code and even custom-drawn pictures. These borderline retro computer systems additionally are available 4 colours — black, silver, white, and pink. And if it will get outdated (which is widespread), it may be offered again for 25,000 Bells.

17/20 Shower Booth (110,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Shower Booth listing at shop

Given the entire out of doors exploring and labor concerned in New Horizons, sustaining one’s hygiene is vital! And what higher solution to obtain this than a top-of-the-line bathe sales space? Of course, there is not actually any want to remain clear in AC: NH. Nonetheless, this actually makes for a pleasant ornamental merchandise that is positive to enliven a usually dull-looking toilet.

Like most on this checklist, these showers will be purchased at Nook’s Cranny, and are available 4 colour variations– white, black, blue, and pink. It will be offered again for a decent 27,500 Bells.

16/20 Cello (130,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Instruments Cello with villager singing outside

While the vast majority of furnishings and houseware are only for present, there are a variety of things that may be interacted with on some degree. Some of the important thing belongings with this function are musical devices– which permit gamers to bust out random tunes while merely button mashing.

This makes the Cello considerably extra interesting regardless of its excessive price ticket, particularly for individuals who fancy classical music and string devices. These will be purchased in both black or white, and likewise are available Natural and Classic kinds. An upgraded Nook’s Cranny will supply this merchandise for a big 130,000 Bells and can purchase them again for an honest return of 32,500.

15/20 Harp (130,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Harp Tommy offer at shop

Though the Cello’s ornamental qualities might not be its largest enchantment, the identical can’t be stated for this basic instrument. This Harp simply exudes luxurious, with its crafted element, smooth end, and strong measurement. This refined merchandise would certainly be a pleasant focus for any house research, bed room, or music room.

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They will not typically be seen at Nook’s Cranny, however these with the cash and style for classical melodies ought to think about making this funding if one pops up. These luxurious Harps are available black, white, brown, and light-weight/darkish brown. They will be offered again for a stable 32,500 Bells.

14/20 Whirlpool Bath (130,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons

Though it is not an affordable endeavor, it is doable to flesh out one’s toilet and inject a way of class and visible enchantment. Indeed, gadgets just like the bathe– in addition to this stress-free whirlpool bathtub– may help make the often bland toilet one of many extra visually attention-grabbing rooms in a single’s home.

The tub’s serenading ambiance of the sloshing water provides a soothing aura, serving to one unwind after an extended day of island escapades. These tubs are available white or black – and the latter appears notably smooth. While it is no small worth to pay for this added luxurious, it may be offered again for 32,500 Bells.

13/20 System Kitchen (130,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons System Kitchen

One of the primary fun-themed rooms many go for when increasing their house is a kitchen—and this undoubtedly helps tie collectively this theme. Though it is dear, it makes for an emphatic centerpiece for any kitchen and instantly offers it a way of element and character. And the truth that there are a number of parts crammed into one massive merchandise makes the worth tag all of the extra price it.

This Kitchen Set is available in a whopping eight colours—white, off-white, crimson, blue, pure, brown, black, and yellow. It will be pawned at Nook’s Cranny for the worth of 32,500 Bells.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Hanging Scroll in Asian themed room with banners

While the worth of this seemingly easy merchandise may increase eyebrows, it does make sense from a cultural standpoint. They’re meant to symbolize precise hand-crafted Japanese scrolls, which double as ornamental artistic endeavors and mantras or narratives. The motive for his or her excessive worth will be traced again to the artists; calligraphy masters that always dedicate a lifetime to studying and honing their craft.

And although these digital representations are a far cry from the true factor, they do add the same sense of sophistication and creative ambiance. Those extra rich island designers can add some visible intrigue by diversifying with different variations and patterns. They are available inexperienced, brown, pink, blue, and purple. Aside from the fundamental calligraphy sample, the scrolls will be had in variations that embrace mountains, fish, birds, and flowers. Scrolls will be offered again for 35,000 Bells apiece.

11/20 Open Frame Kitchen (1400,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Open Frame Kitchen in packed kitchen

There’s no scarcity of enjoyable gadgets to deck out one’s kitchen in AC: New Horizons and this heavy-duty houseware set makes for a very nice centerpiece.

The sink and range combo immediately helps fill out an inhabitant’s private kitchen, and it does so with out taking on a ton of room. Though there aren’t any customization choices, the merchandise manages to look fairly smooth by itself deserves. It will be had on the upgraded model of Nook’s Cranny and offered again for 35,000 Bells.

10/20 Fancy Violin (140,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Fancy Violin Tommy offer at shop

Any merchandise that has the phrase “fancy” in its very title is bound to value a hefty chunk of change. Case in level? The appropriately-tagged “Fancy Violin.”

This merchandise presents some elegant pizazz to 1’s house whereas additionally being a supply of some fairly melodies. Its worth is steep to make certain, however the truth that it is one of many extra beautiful gadgets within the recreation, and will be performed– a minimum of makes it considerablyjustifiable. In phrases of its colour scheme– the Fancy Violin is available in black, pure, and white. Those who second guess their musical ambitions can promote this again for 35,000 Bells.

9/20 Screen (140,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Pine Screen villager looking

Multipurpose gadgets ought to usually be seen as extra invaluable, which a minimum of partially explains the Screen’s lofty asking worth of 140,000 Bells. Its vary of pictures–together with a dragon, tiger, pine, plum, and bamboo– immediately inject some creative aptitude into one’s house.

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At the identical time, this merchandise can function a kind of makeshift wall or divider to separate or isolate areas of a room. This brings an added feeling of depth and grandiosity to 1’s house, because it basically permits for a room insidea room. Those who determine to go for a extra open room after shopping for one can promote it again for 35,500 Bells.

8/20 Strategic Meeting Table

Animal Crossing New Horizons Spaceship control panel in sci-fi themed room with scientist villager

Players can really feel like the overall of a campy sci-fi motion movie from the ’80s with this desk. One of the numerous standout gadgets added to the free 2.0 Update, this strong desk can add amusing aptitude to a science fiction-themed room, bunker, or science lab. Not solely does it impress on a visible degree, however it really has performance, because it holds gadgets identical to another desk.

And as a cool bonus, the sport permits for floor sample altering by means of customization kits or by Cyrus at Harv’s Island. Players could also be fortunate sufficient to search out it at Nook’s Cranny for 150,000 Bells, and likewise seems in the home of the distinct robo-ctopus villager Cephalobot. If for some motive gamers wished to flip it, it at the moment sells for 37,500 Bells. It is available in blue, inexperienced, orange, and crimson.

7/20 Samurai Suit (150,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Samurai Suit display at shop as villager looks happy

Nintendo typically favors celebrating its Japanese heritage by means of cultural aptitude in lots of its video games, and New Horizons isn’t any totally different—as illustrated by this elegant piece. Modeled from the Medievil Japanese warriors, this detailed show merchandise punctuates an eastern-themed room, museum, or warfare room, and makes a neat focus for one’s home.

The merchandise is available in black, crimson, blue, purple, and silver, and appears nice in each. It will be obtained at Nook’s Cranny for 150,000 Bell and pawned for 37,500.

6/20 Kitchen Island (170,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Kitchen Island villager smiling near island

Another multifunctional asset is that this strong Kitchen Island– a furnishing that strengthens one’s kitchen from a visible and sensible standpoint. One aspect of the merchandise emphasizes element, with its slew of compartments, a sink, and a cooktop. Meanwhile, the other aspect permits one to make use of it as a countertop with which to put extra kitchen gadgets; ricer-cookers, mixers, etcetera.

This minimizes the necessity to craft extra tables or counters. Though it is not customizable, the merchandise is available in a whopping seven variations – white, blue, crimson, gentle brown, darkish brown, black, and silver. Though 170,000 is a pretty big chunk of digital change, it may a minimum of be offered again for a hefty 42,500.

5/20 Cold Sleep Pod (190,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons cold sleep pod as villager looks on in shop

While it is fairly “cool” thematically, this Update 2.0 merchandise additionally stands out in its interactive nature. In reality, crawling on this pod and taking a nap will transport the participant to a different setting. The result’s a surreal on-line expertise that lets gamers go to different “dream islands”. These are fan-created locations that may be accessed by codes or drifted into at random. Essentially, this machine slots in as a cool sci-fi-themed mattress.

But whereas gamers can discover to their coronary heart’s content material, gadgets cannot be picked up. After all, this expertise is not even actual. If this appears like an excellent time, this dream transport will be obtained in blue, inexperienced, orange, and crimson for near 200,000 Bells, and pawned for 47,500.

4/20 Spaceship Control Panel (190,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons retro Spaceship control panel villager looking on at shop

For those that like their sci-fi as daring and over-the-top as doable, this massive management panel is the merchandise of alternative. The number of customizations makes this already cool design glow much more, and gamers may even customise this gadget’s foremost monitor sample. With the assistance of the villager Cyrus, the colour of the panel’s luminous glow may even be altered.

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This huge machine is available in basic sci-fi blue, in addition to inexperienced, orange, and crimson. Going full Star Trek with this high-tech merchandise shall be pretty pricey, however it makes for a great way to impress associates when displaying off one’s island. It may also be offered again at 47,500 Bells.

3/20 Elaborate Kimono Stand (220,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Elaborate Kimono multicolored in eastern themed room

Considering the origins of NH‘s developer, it is maybe applicable that considered one of its standout gadgets is brimming with Japanese aptitude and character. One may be stunned to search out this conventional Japanese gown Stand value a whopping 220,000 Bells. It additionally will be flipped for a reasonably respectable 55,000.

This is each a visually interesting and detailed merchandise. It’s deceptively costly, although it makes for an emphatic solution to adorn all types of themed rooms. Couple this with the Screen to really exude some Eastern cultural aptitude. These are available a wide range of totally different work all proven right here – hawk, wisteria, balls, cranes, and tree peonies.

2/20 Grand Piano (260,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons Grand Piano duck billed villager joyful outside while raining

Yes, the Grand Piano actually comes with a “grand” price ticket, standing as the most costly piece of furnishings in AC: NH. This lavish, elegant merchandise is bound to make for a beautiful focus for almost anybody’s digital house. Whether enjoying pleasant tunes or just admiring it from afar, the Grand Piano is an funding price going for– even when it does take some time to afford.

This piano is available in 4 colours; every of that are wealthy and interesting in their very own manner. Players can select between white, black, cherry, and walnut. And if one’s now not within the musical spirit, this piano will be flipped for 65,000 Bells.

1/20 Throne (800,000 Bells)

Animal Crossing New Horizons throne with villager dressed in royal garb in red room

Being by far the most costly merchandise within the recreation (as of now a minimum of), this merchandise of royalty is really match for a king or queen. Presumably, Nintendo felt many of the recreation’s person base was deep sufficient into the expertise that they might afford such luxuries after a couple of years. But regardless, this one will possible take fairly a while to afford.

It will take 40 customization kits to change this gem’s sample or colour scheme. However, Cyrus may also be referred to as upon to customise the body if gamers are actually trying to showcase their wealth and dedication. The throne fittingly is available in gold and silver, however truthfully, it even appears glorious within the included white, black, and copper.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is accessible on Nintendo Switch.

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