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Is Georgia in Europe or in Asia? (Detailed Answer with Maps)

Most folks can’t level to Georgia on a map. And of those that can, just about no one can resolve if the tiny however beautiful nation is in Europe or Asia.

I lived there for nearly 12 months, and even I’m not absolutely sure. So to clear up (a few of) the confusion, I’ve lined all of the continental controversies in this information.

In this text:

  • Where is Georgia?
  • Is Georgia in Europe or in Asia?
  • What separates Europe and Asia?
  • Can we culturally take into account Georgian as European or Asian, or each, or neither?

Read on to seek out out!

Is Georgia in Europe or in Asia

Where is Georgia?

Alright, the reply to this query is fairly easy… however the nation’s unusual geographical location is the primary cause behind this text’s controversial conundrum.

The nation of Georgia is situated in the area of Eurasia and particularly in the South Caucasus. The Republic of Georgia is bordered by the Black Sea to the west, Turkey and Armenia to the south, Azerbaijan to the east, and Russia to the north.

Where is Georgia on the World Map
The nation of Georgia on the world map (Robinson Projection)
Where is the Country Georgia on a Map
Zoom in on Georgia and its neighboring international locations.

As you possibly can see from the helpful little map we’ve supplied, Georgia borders Turkey to the east, and nearly all folks appear to agree that almost all of Turkey is an Asian place slightly more than a European one.

But it additionally borders Russia to the south, and most people appear to agree that Western Russia is principally a European place slightly than an Asian place… although Russia extends east past locations like China, Korea, and Japan… and is certainly partially in Asia… (however that’s a dialog for a distinct time).

Also bordering Georgia, you have got Armenia and Azerbaijan. Most folks appear to suppose Azerbaijan is Asian. But very similar to Georgia, folks can’t appear to resolve if Armenia is Asian or European.

As you possibly can see, these three nations (that’s Georgia, Armenia, and Azerbaijan, when you’re struggling to maintain observe) are at an odd geographical crossroads, sandwiched between small seas, massive mountain ranges, and many neighboring nations with vastly totally different cultures.

Yep, I do know… that’s cleared completely nothing up. You’re welcome, I assume.

To attain a vaguely extra conclusive reply, we subsequently want to consider how (and why!) ‘Asia’ and ‘Europe’ are outlined. This brings us to…

Are Europe and Asia Different Continents?

Yes. Europe and Asia are totally different continents… or, at the least, that’s what we’re taught, and that’s (subsequently) what most individuals consider*.

But geographically talking, Europe and Asia are literally one distinctive continent known as Eurasia. Eurasia is the most important continental landmass on earth, and 5 billion folks or 70% of the entire human inhabitants dwell there.

Eurasia Map

It’s onerous to geographically separate Europe and Asia because the designation of the ‘border’ between the 2 (as borders do) has modified quite a few instances over the course of the historical past.

Even now, nobody can actually appear to resolve the place of this border. Typically, a single continent is outlined as “one of the larger continuous masses of land” (supply)… however right here’s the place the difficulty begins: Europe and Asia are collectively made up of 1 steady mass of land.

One of the most typical methods to subsequently outline the border (and, in the current historical past, the most well-liked option to outline the border) between Asia and Europe is through the use of the Ural Mountains (which we’ve highlighted on the map beneath).

This Russian mountain vary leads into the Ural River… which then runs into the Caspian Sea. One definition claims that the imprecise border fashioned by the “Ural Mountains-Ural River-Caspian Sea” line is what separates the 2 continents… which, as you possibly can see, would firmly place Georgia in Europe.

Europe Asia Borders Definition 1: Ural Mountain, Ural River, and the Caspian Sea, are what separate Europe from Asia
Europe Asia Borders Definition 1: Ural Mountain, Ural River, and the Caspian Sea are what separate Europe from Asia. This places Georgia on the European aspect.

A second definition states that the Caucasus mountains are the definable border between Europe and Asia.

But as a result of lots of these mountains lying inside of Georgia, that doesn’t actually clear something up for us… besides to perhaps show that, as some folks declare, Georgia is a transcontinental nation that sits in each Europe and Asia (but additionally presumably in neither of these two locations).

Europe Asia Borders Definition 2: The Caucasus mountains are what separate Europe from Asia.
Europe Asia Borders Definition 2: The Caucasus mountains are what separate Europe from Asia. This places Georgia in Asia for probably the most part of its territory.

These Caucasus mountains are fairly sophisticated in themselves and we don’t have sufficient time or house right here to current them in element. So you possibly can learn Britannica’s article to higher perceive these mountains and their area.

A 3rd opinion considers that the border is as an alternative outlined by the road fashioned by the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Black Sea. This would firmly place Georgia in Asian territory.

Europe Asia Borders Definition 3: the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Black Sea are what separate Europe from Asia. This puts Georgia in Asia.
Europe Asia Borders Definition 3: the Aegean Sea, the Sea of Marmara, and the Black Sea are what separate Europe from Asia. This places Georgia in Asia.

Other folks suppose the border can or needs to be outlined by some bizarre concoction of all these geographical factors. In common, there are many landmasses and landmarks that would type potential border-marking factors (and have fashioned these factors throughout varied intervals of the historical past).

For these advanced geographical causes, it’s typically simpler to separate Asia and Europe culturally, as an alternative to arbitrary (and unsure and ever-changing) geographical traces.

*Remember the asterisk I positioned at the start of this part? To make issues much more sophisticated, I’m rounding off this part by telling you that, though we largely settle for Europe and Asia as two separate continents, some geographers suppose otherwise. Because the borders between Europe and Asia are geologically arbitrary, and since these borders can change over time, these geographers choose to clump the 2 continents collectively into the one large continent of Eurasia (which, contemplating the blended identification of a lot of nations right here, sorta is smart).

Is Georgia in Europe or in Asia?

As you’ve most likely observed by now, what’s and isn’t Europe (or Asia) isn’t precisely clear.

Because of this geographical complexity and controversy, it’s most likely finest to categorize Georgia’s identification in line with its tradition, historical past, and faith… slightly more than some arbitrary determination primarily based on who had probably the most highly effective military or empire at any given time.*

*After the Mongols captured Georgia, the area most likely had extra frequent with up-to-date Asian cultures. The identical applies when there was an Ottoman invasion. But when it was a part of the USSR, the world most likely thought about Georgia to be categorically European. So, as I say, these borders, identities, and opinions are ever-changing.

Georgian Kids in Traditional Clothes

But even from a cultural perspective, it is a fairly tough query to reply to. That’s (in fact) as a result of because the influences upon Georgia have shifted and adjusted over time, the identification of Georgia has shifted and adjusted over time… and that’s left behind a nation that also seems like an odd hybrid of Asian and European cultures.

Here are among the issues that make folks suppose Georgia is extra European than Asia:

… however, listed here are among the issues that make folks suppose Georgia is extra Asian than European:

  • In its jap aspect, it has some desert-like landscapes
  • Its meals are extra much like Persian, Afghan, and Turkish meals than it’s too European meals
  • It borders Turkey!
  • Culturally, the nation simply ‘feels’ very totally different from many different components of jap Europe
  • Its language sounds extra rooted in Asian languages than in European languages

Personally, to me, Georgia undoubtedly feels extra European than Asian… however that’s simply, like, my opinion man. And dwelling there for 12 months doesn’t make me know so you’re absolutely free to disregard me.

Maybe it’s finest to simply accept that Georgia (and Armenia and Azerbaijan) aren’t actually ‘in’ Asia or Europe… and to acknowledge that continental borders are simply imaginary traces that were fully made up (for the straightforward sake of comfort and classification).

These three international locations don’t actually match the continental system… however when the system is mindless (and when the system isn’t actually matched for its function), why would they?

It’s additionally value noting that these three international locations don’t even actually match collectively as a mini area. Despite being three tiny international locations (Georgia has a inhabitants of round 4 million, whereas Armenia and Azerbaijan have populations of 3 million and 10 million respectively), they every have their very own language, their very own alphabets, and their very own very distinct identities.

Is Georgia in Europe or in Asia? Final Thoughts

So is Georgia in Europe, or in Asia? No one actually is aware of it, I don’t actually know, and, now, even you don’t actually know!

For some much-more-concrete data on one of my favourite locations, try our guides to what Tbilisi is legendary for, 17 causes I like the town, and our bumper information on whether or not or not Georgia is secure to go to.

Thanks for studying, thanks for stopping by at Travelness, and thanks for being so unbelievable and good at all times.

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