How Many Pokemon Are There of Each Type

Pokemon have sorts throughout 18 completely different classes within the Pokemon franchise. With eight generations of video games to play and over 900 Pokemon to catch, there are lots of completely different characters to undergo at any given time. Memorizing the inhabitants of every class may also be troublesome because the franchise has used a roster of single and dual-type Pokemon since Gen 1’s Pokemon Red & Blue, and their numbers have solely grown because the launch of Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

As new video games introduce new Pokemon, new regional types, and new kind combos, it is inevitable that these numbers will solely proceed to extend. However, conserving monitor of the most typical Pokemon kind and checking which kind combos want new additions might be a useful useful resource for devoted Pokemon followers.

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Updated January 4, 2023, by Suzail Ahmad:One of the perfect issues about being a Pokemon fan is that the world of Pokemon retains on rising with each passing 12 months. 2022 noticed the discharge of three Pokemon video games— Legends Arceus, Pokemon Scarlet, and Pokemon Violet. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet got here in November 2022 and introduced with them tons of new Pokemon. While the video games acquired blended critiques as a result of efficiency points, the brand new Pokemon launched within the recreation have proved to be a large hit among the many followers. The addition of the brand new Pokemon has brought about a rise within the quantity of Pokemon of every kind. So, the record has been up to date with right complete of every kind of Pokemon.


18/18 Normal-type Pokemon

Split image of Blissey and Meowth in the trailer.

At one level, Normal Pokemon had been presently tied with Water-types for the kind that has essentially the most Pokemon within the franchise. Even with such a big pool, the sort’s distinguished weak spot in opposition to Fighting-type could make them onerous to make use of as aggressive choices. New additions to the Normal-type pool like Ursaluna from Pokemon Legends: Arceus might assist to vary this sooner or later.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Maushold is broadly thought of to be the perfect new Normal-type Pokemon, and it is primarily as a result of of its transfer referred to as Population Bomb. Maushold’s Population Bomb can hit the opponent as much as 10 occasions making it a really harmful transfer.

17/18 Fire-type Pokemon

Pokemon Scarlet Violet Break Fire Pokemon Zodiac Theory

Fire-type Pokemon have been iconic because the collection went worldwide. Rare Charizard Pokemon playing cards proceed to be coveted by collectors and it’s one of essentially the most recognizable Pokemon of all time, second solely to Pikachu in fame. Fire-type has a bonus over Grass, Steel, and Ice sorts, however the kind’s weak spot to Water, Ground, and Rock makes counters extraordinarily prevalent in aggressive battles. Great secondary typing for Fire-type Pokemon may also help fight essentially the most distinguished weaknesses making them viable choices for any workforce.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: As at all times the largest speaking level from any recreation is the starters and Scarlet and Violet are not any exception. The Fire-type starter within the video games is Fuecoco and it resembles Totodile in some ways.

16/18 Water-type Pokemon

pokemon scarlet violet quaxly water starter duck

Following the reveal of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet‘s starter Pokemon, Water Pokemon had been tied with Normal-types for the most typical single-type Pokemon within the National Pokedex. With a starter in every technology of video games, like Fire and Grass, Water-type Pokemon are straightforward to search out. Water Pokemon additionally made appearances as recreation mascots from Gens 1 by 4 with Blastoise for Pokemon Blue, Suicune for Pokemon Crystal, Kyogre for Pokemon Sapphire, and Palkia for Pokemon Pearl, and the lately launched remake of Gen 4 Pokemon Shining Pearl.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: The new video games characteristic the model new Water-type starter Quaxly, which evolves into Quaxwell and Quaquaval at ranges 16 and 36, respectively. Its last type is Water/Fighting, making it a viable choice for battling. Furthermore, with the discharge of Scarlet and Violet, Water-type is the most typical Pokemon kind.

15/18 Grass-type Pokemon

Sprigatito Pokemon

Grass-type Pokemon are at all times one of the three starters obtainable within the core collection of Pokemon video games. Bulbasaur is the primary Grass-type Pokemon launched within the Pokedex and, like Charmander and Squirtle, turns into one of Ash’s companions within the long-running Pokemon anime.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Sprigatito has managed to catch everybody’s eye with its feline options and distinctive design. It additionally has Protean as its Hidden Ability, which may be interesting to many trainers.

14/18 Rock-type Pokemon

pokemon diancie posing in Pokemon Snap

Rock-type Pokemon have typically left a bit to be desired design-wise, however they’ve additionally resulted within the prime tier designs for Stonjourner and Tyrantrum. Every Pokemon goes to have followers and critics regardless of how their idea is executed, however the Rock-type’s potential to be both a rock with arms, a T. Rex dragon, or Stonehenge has cut up some of the love that Rock-type Pokemon obtain. The kind’s weaknesses to Water, Steel, Ground, Grass, and Fighting-type Pokemon make it a simple goal within the aggressive scene, which additionally contributes to this, however strikes Stone Edge which has a same-type assault bonus assist to make this sort sturdy.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Rock-type Pokemon are normally ignored as a result of of the aforementioned weaknesses, however trainers who don’t care about aggressive battles nonetheless have a tendency to make use of them as a result of of their unbelievable designs. Iron Thorns is broadly thought of to be the perfect new Rock-type Pokemon as a result of of its well-balanced stats.

13/18 Fighting-type Pokemon

A Clobbopus and Grapploct next to each other in a snowy tundra in Pokemon Sword & Shield

The greatest Fighting-type Pokemon are sometimes the aggressive-looking brutes of the Pokemon franchise. Many of them are designed as easy martial arts Pokemon pulling on real-world disciplines and specialists for inspiration. This development is noticeable with Gen 1’s Hitmonlee and Hitmonchan, that are reminiscent of boxing and kickboxing respectively, in addition to Pokemon Sword and Shield‘s Urshifu which is named the Wushu Pokemon.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: There is not any scarcity of good Fighting-type Pokemon in Generation IX, however Koraidon takes the cake. It is extraordinarily highly effective, making it a useful addition to any workforce.

12/18 Psychic-type Pokemon

pokemon go mewtwo

Psychic-types are ample and have in a single of the Pokemon anime’s biggest episodes, Abra and the Psychic Showdown. A powerful typing within the first technology, the Psychic-type roster consists of powerhouses like Alakazam, Mewtwo, and Mew. The kind is weak to Ghost, Dark, and Bug-type, however dominates battles with sturdy particular assaults and works nicely as a counter for Fighting Pokemon.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Psychic-type Pokemon are at all times enjoyable to make use of as a result of of their cool assaults. The strongest Psychic-type Pokemon from Generation IX is Scream Tails, which is a paradox Pokemon.

11/18 Ghost-type Pokemon

Pokemon Fan Creates Incredible Gengar Wood Piece

Ghost-type Pokemon are one of the rarest sorts within the franchise. While there are some notable fan favorites like Gengar and the pseudo-legendary Pokemon for Pokemon Sword & Shield, Dragapult, the stressed Pokemon spirits don’t at all times get the love they deserve. Ghost-type Pokemon which have an immunity to each Fighting and Normal-type assaults, are one of solely two sorts weak to themselves serving to to stability out groups that use them. However, the twin Normal and Ghost-type that Hisuian Zorua and its evolution have does imply that Hisuian Zoroark may very well be a nightmare in aggressive battles because it’s resistant to Fighting, Ghost, and Normal-type assaults.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Ghost-type acquired a big increase with the discharge of Scarlet and Violet. Among all the brand new Ghost-type, Flutter Mane is taken into account to be essentially the most highly effective.

10/18 Bug-type Pokemon

Pokemon Fan Creates Impressive Origami Figure of Scyther

Bug-type Pokemon are some of essentially the most plentiful that gamers can discover within the collection. Traveling by every Pokemon recreation going through bug-catcher coach after bug-catcher coach solely reaffirms this with every new technology. Bug-type usually exhibits up early in Pokemon titles with easy evolutionary traces reminiscent of many real-world bugs that gamers may be accustomed to. This inspiration and the general aesthetic of Bug Pokemon has led to chill designs like Centiskorch, a centipede-styled Pokemon who’s one of the perfect Bug-types in Legends: Arceus.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Volcarona has at all times been a viable choice for trainers in aggressive battles as a result of of its excessive stats. So, the discharge of a brand-new type of the Pokemon has solely made it simpler to choose it for battles. The new type known as Slither Wing, and its total stats are 570.

9/18 Poison-type Pokemon

Garbodor appearing during a gym battle in the anime

Even some of the strongest Poison-type Pokemon have gotten criticism for some of their lower than interesting designs with Muk and Garbodor, particularly, feeling repetitive to many followers. This criticism, nevertheless, ignores some of the best Pokemon which were launched within the franchise corresponding to Dragalge and Toxtricity, whose evolutionary traces had been the primary to introduce their respective kind combos.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: It has been established that paradox Pokemon are a lower above the extraordinary. In the case of Poison-type, Iron Moth holds the standing of being the perfect. It is the futuristic model of Volcarona, and is unique to Pokemon Violet.

8/18 Flying-type Pokemon

Pokemon Regional Birds Ranked Cover

Flying-type Pokemon aren’t the staple they as soon as had been however nonetheless have some of essentially the most typing combos in the whole franchise. Since the introduction of simpler methods to quick journey in Pokemon video games, the Fly HM has been retired and the necessity for a devoted Flying-types is not a priority. This change within the collection has not stopped Pokemon from releasing merchandise for fan favorites like Corviknight and the notorious shiny Cramorant, however it has altered how playthroughs of Pokemon Legends: Arceus and different new video games are approached by gamers.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: ​​​​With over 100 Flying-type Pokemon, it’s troublesome to search out one which stands out. Trainers who’re on the lookout for the perfect Pokemon from the brand new video games ought to attempt to get their arms on Iron Jugulis, whose stats make him the strongest of any Flying-type Pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

7/18 Electric-type Pokemon

pokemon scarlet violet magnemite

Electric-type Pokemon are sometimes on the coronary heart of the franchise’s tales and video games, from overpowered Pokemon that ship lightning-fast sweeps like Tapu Koko to Pikachu as Ash’s primary companion and the franchise’s most distinguished mascot. Many followers can relate to being a child, and though some dad and mom won’t have identified a single different Pokemon from the collection, Pikachu’s electrical persona and character had been nonetheless immediately recognizable and proceed to be to many of the uninitiated. The greatest Electric-type Pokemon additionally are usually coveted by followers due to their pace and particular assault, solely growing how in style the likes of Pikachu and others are with followers.

RELATED: All the Regional Variant Pokemon, RankedPokemon Scarlet and Violet: Trainers on the lookout for the strongest Electric-type Pokemon must look no additional than Sandy Shocks, a paradox Pokemon, who can be the ancestor of the Magnemite line.

6/18 Ground-type Pokemon

A Palossand balancing a RotomDex on its head in the anime

Ground Pokemon are the pure counter to Electric-types since they’ve immunity to Electric strikes. Furthermore, Ground assaults are additionally tremendous efficient in opposition to Electric-type opponents in addition to, Rock, Fire, Poison, and Steel-type Pokemon. The typing advantages a quantity of dual-type Pokemon corresponding to Swampert, a Water-type who turns into resistant to Electric assaults; nevertheless, a quadruple weak spot to Grass-type assaults is gained in alternate. The sought-after Mythical Forces of Nature Pokemon all have a Flying-type, however Landorus is resistant to Flying’s weak spot in opposition to Electric strikes since it’s a dual-type with Ground, nevertheless, it positive factors a quadruple weak spot to Ice-type assaults as a trade-off.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Great Tusk is by far essentially the most highly effective Ground-type from Generation IX. It has a excessive Attack stat, making it an ideal selection for trainers who primarily deal with bodily assaults.

5/18 Ice-type Pokemon

pokemon legends alolan vulpix locations

Ice-type Pokemon are sometimes elegant in design, and the primary counter within the collection for Dragon Pokemon that wasn’t one other Dragon. The secondary typings for Ice-type Pokemon have created some distinctive combos and is liable for one other of Ash’s memorable companions within the Pokemon anime, Lapras. The most up-to-date distinctive dual-type Ice Pokemon is Frosmoth, whose evolutionary line incorporates the one twin Ice and Bug-type within the franchise.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Ice-type Pokemon have at all times been identified for having the perfect designs. They are one of the rarest sorts of Pokemon, so there are comparatively few selections to choose from. The greatest Ice-type Pokemon from Scarlet and Violet is Chien-Pao, one of the legendary Pokemon.

4/18 Dragon-type Pokemon

pokemon legends arceus giratina origin form

Dragon-types are the Pokemon of legends. Many of the ultimate evolutions of Dragon-type traces are the strongest Pokemon that may be caught with the perfect Dragon-type from every technology being favorites for aggressive groups. Of the 9 pseudo-legendary Pokemon throughout eight generations, seven are Dragon-type Pokemon. This record consists of the primary technology’s lovable Dragonite and the ghastly Dragapult that was launched in Gen 8’s Pokemon Sword and Shield.

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Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Dragon-type Pokemon are among the many most beloved kind within the video games. Generation IX has a number of new Dragon-type Pokemon, with Baxcalibur being the strongest.

3/18 Dark-type Pokemon

Krookodile appearing in the Pokemon anime

Dark-type Pokemon are one of three sorts that had been added after the collection’ first technology of video games. Sneasel, a Dark-type from Gen 2, wouldn’t get an evolution till Pokemon Diamond & Pearl had been launched and Weavile was launched. Weavile has the very best tied pace stat for any Dark-type Pokemon, together with the legendary Darkrai that was launched in the identical technology, which has made it a viable albeit area of interest addition to some Pokemon groups.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Chi-Yu’s launch has helped the Dark-type fairly a bit. It is a legendary Pokemon, with excessive Special Attack, Special Defense, and Speed stats.

2/18 Steel-type Pokemon

Pokemon Fan Makes Impressive Gold Steelix

Steel-type Pokemon is one other typing that was launched after the primary technology of video games, making its debut in Pokemon Gold & Silver with Dark-type. The introduction of Steel Pokemon got here with the Metal Coat merchandise which allowed a pair of first-generation Pokemon to evolve. Both Onix and Scyther are Pokemon that gamers can evolve when they’re traded holding the Metal Coat merchandise, and so they had two of the best designs within the collection on the time. Onix and Scyther will evolve into Steelix and Scizor, respectively, however it’s additionally simply as necessary to commerce them again to the sport gamers need them in. Without them being traded again gamers can miss out on finishing the National Pokedex.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Steel-type Pokemon are identified for having excessive Defense stats. One of essentially the most used Pokemon from the brand new video games is Gholdengo which evolves from the shy, Gimmighoul.

1/18 Fairy-type Pokemon

A close up of Aromatisse in a forest at dawn

Being the latest addition to the franchise as they debuted in Pokemon X & Y, there isn’t any doubt that the Fairy typing improved Pokemon. With solely two weaknesses and an immunity to Dragon-type strikes, whereas additionally being tremendous efficient in opposition to Dragon Pokemon, Fairy-types shortly discovered spots on many aggressive groups. Following its introduction, a number of current Pokemon had their typing modified to both be or embody the newly launched Fairy. Fairy is the one one of the three Pokemon sorts which were launched since technology one’s launch to utterly change a Pokemon’s typing as nicely, with a number of Normal-types changing into pure Fairy-types following its introduction in Gen 6.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: Since their introduction, Fairy-type Pokemon have slowly turn into one of essentially the most used sorts. So, it was apparent that there have been going to be some nice additions to this sort. Out of all the brand new Generation IX Fairy-type Pokemon, Iron Valiant is deemed the best.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be found now on the Nintendo Switch.

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