Best Non-Damaging Moves In Pokemon

While Pokemon is a sequence that’s typically talked about because of the huge quantity of creatures that gamers can catch and battle with, there are almost simply as many strikes that Pokemon can study. While the Pokemon in a single’s crew are important and iconic, they can not do something with out their strikes in battle.

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Moves are available in a wide range of types, dealing harm, inflicting standing results, and offering an enormous array of advantages. While gamers like to deal with the flashiest and highest damaging strikes their Pokemon can use, there are a number of unimaginable strikes that do not deal any harm in any respect.

Updated January 2, 2023, by Ben Painter:Pokemon have many alternative strikes to make use of in battle, they usually are available in three completely different classes: bodily, particular, and non-damaging. An incredible technique to make use of within the sport is utilizing sure non-damaging strikes to assist acquire an edge in battle. With Pokemon Scarlet & Violet now out for over a month, avid gamers have had time to study the brand new strikes added, together with non-damaging ones, and put them to make use of inside the numerous methods to battle within the Generation 9 video games. Included in these, is an excellent new transfer by a brand new Pokemon for Generation 9, in addition to the return of strikes from older video games. Discover these strikes and extra throughout Paldea in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


15/15 Protect

cloyster pokemon

First showing in Pokemon’s second era, Protect is amongst the strongest defensive strikes in your entire sequence. Among probably the most simple strikes on this checklist, Protect prevents all harm its consumer would take from damaging strikes (except for a couple of strikes that get round its protection).

Though it might probably hypothetically be utilized in succession, doing so raises the possibility of the transfer failing. Protect is the perfect transfer for groups that want to stall an opponent as they endure from statuses akin to poison.

14/15 Recover, Roost, and Softboiled

The Blissey Pokemon species

Recover, Roost, and Softboiled are every unimaginable strikes that share almost equivalent results, however can every be realized by completely different Pokemon. When any of those strikes are used, their consumer replenishes 50% of their most HP. This implies that when used at the side of a notably defensive Pokemon or one with an enormous HP pool akin to Blissey, these strikes could make it an arduous activity to take that Pokemon down.

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Like Protect, these strikes are glorious inclusions for groups which are hoping to slowly stall somewhat than aggressively assault an opponent.

13/15 Will-o-Wisp

gengar pokemon

Will-o-Wisp is a wonderful Fire-type standing transfer that may Burn an opposing Pokemon. With an accuracy of 85, Will-o-Wisp can nerf an opposing Pokemon fairly reliably.

As being burned reduces the quantity of bodily harm a Pokemon can deal, Will-o-Wisp can be utilized to focus on probably the most offensively oriented Pokemon on an opponent’s crew. When utilized by a Pokemon with the Prankster capacity, this may be achieved with precedence.

12/15 Belly Drum


One of the important thing technique of reliably sweeping an opponent’s crew is to make the most of strikes that enhance a Pokemon’s offensive stats. Belly Drum is a transfer that places the pedal to the metallic in terms of growing a Pokemon’s power, maximizing its assault stat on the expense of half of its HP.

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While this transfer requires some assist and setup to make use of safely and reliably, if a fast or resilient sufficient Pokemon makes it to their subsequent flip after utilizing Belly Drum, the outcomes could be disastrous for an opponent.

11/15 Baton Pass

eevee pokemon

Baton Pass is an unimaginable transfer that was first launched in Generation 2. Upon utilizing Baton Pass, a participant is ready to change to any of their different Pokemon. However, in contrast to a traditional change, this causes all elevated (and decreased) stats to be transferred to the following Pokemon.

When used at the side of strikes like Calm Mind, Swords Dance, Nasty Plot, or the beforehand talked about Belly Drum, a possible sweep could be arrange instantaneously.

10/15 Perish Song


Though Perish Song doesn’t technically deal harm, it’s among the many most dangerous strikes in all of Pokemon. Upon getting used, Perish Song begins a three-turn countdown that after completed, leads to each lively Pokemon being KO’d.

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While an opponent can theoretically change out their Pokemon to keep away from this impact, this transfer is commonly paired with a Pokemon that has the Shadow Tag capacity, stopping a possible escape. This offers Perish Song with the flexibility to take out almost each Pokemon within the sequence.

9/15 Trick Room

galarian slowking smiling in a silly way pokemon crown tundra

Few strikes are capable of spawn complete crew archetypes fairly like Trick Room. While the precedence of turns in Pokemon relies across the velocity stat, with the quickest Pokemon attacking first, Trick Room reverses the flip order in a battle.

This permits a participant to make a crew of sluggish Pokemon which have in any other case stellar stats that will usually solely be hindered by low velocity. With an lively Trick Room, these sluggish Pokemon can transfer with unparalleled velocity, disrupting the technique of a historically quick Pokemon.

8/15 Spore


Though solely realized by a small handful of fungus-based Pokemon, Spore is probably the most constant standing transfer in all of Pokemon. With 100 accuracy, Spore routinely places a goal to sleep. It is used solely by mushroom-based Pokemon like Breloom, Amoongus and the brand new Toedscruel.

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An completely stellar impact with a assure of succeeding, the one factor that holds Spore again is the very restricted quantity of Pokemon which are capable of put it to use.

7/15 Substitute

pokemon mimikyu

Introduced within the very first era of Pokemon video games, Substitute is a wonderful transfer that has been a part of the Pokemon franchise for the reason that very starting. Dealing harm to its consumer, this transfer creates a substitute that takes the place of its consumer.

While that lively Pokemon remains to be in a position to make use of its strikes, the Substitute takes all assault harm. This substitute has 1HP and is ideal for stalling or organising a wide range of methods that require quite a few turns.

6/15 Sketch

Pokemon Smeargle

Sketch is a transfer that may be outlined by one phrase: potential. The signature transfer of Smeargle, as soon as Sketch is used, it’s completely changed with the final transfer utilized by its goal. This permits Smeargle to have the potential to study any transfer in your entire sport.

While Sketch has little to no worth in a vacuum, it offers Smeargle with the flexibility to have the precise transfer set its coach would need, opening the door to an unparalleled quantity of potentialities.

5/15 Dragon Dance

Altaria In The Pokemon Anime

Dragon Dance is a Dragon-type transfer which raises the consumer’s assault and velocity stat by 1 tier when utilized in battle. It’s excellent for getting these Dragon-type Pokemon as much as an excellent greater stage. Pretty a lot each Dragon-type within the video games can study this transfer.

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But the transfer is not solely reserved for its namesake sort. Pokemon like Salazzle, Scrafty and Tyranitar can study this transfer via TM. It’s a implausible non-damaging transfer that’s certain to offer avid gamers an edge in lots of battles. Since Dragon-types often have excessive protection, it’s well worth the threat.

4/15 Toxic

Mr. Rime Using Toxic In Pokemon

Toxic has been a non-damaging transfer ever since Generation 1, it has been a staple of the franchise for a few years now. It is a transfer that enables the Pokemon to poison the consumer, which can chip away at their HP on the finish of each flip. Not solely that, nevertheless it “badly poisons” the goal, that means the harm will double with every flip.

It is probably the most used transfer within the arsenal of many poison-type Pokemon, and it’s all the time helpful to have a ‘mon with Toxic within the roster as chipping away at a strong Pokemon’s HP is a superb technique for battle. It could give avid gamers that little little bit of an edge wanted.

3/15 Roar/Whirlwind

Dachsbun Using Roar In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

These are helpful strikes that do the identical factor in battle. If an opposing Pokemon poses vital hazard, merely use Roar or Whirlwind to convey a brand new Pokemon into the battle. Combined with a transfer like Stealth Rock or Toxic Spikes, these strikes could be a good tactic to assist acquire some bonus harm.

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Roar is especially utilized by Pokemon that resemble canines or different beasts, whereas Whirlwind is utilized by flying Pokemon. If a battle is getting too heated, these strikes are an ideal escape technique, however it may be annoying when a wild Pokemon makes use of it to flee a battle.

2/15 Soak

Hippowdon Being Attacked With Soak In A Pokemon Battle

Soak is a really helpful transfer within the sport. This non-damaging transfer turns any of the opposing Pokemon right into a Water-type, which is nice if the participant occurs to know Grass or Electric-type strikes.

Chinchou and Tadbulb, each Electric-types, are able to studying this transfer via breeding, which is a implausible battle technique. Using Soak to show the Pokemon right into a Water-type after which surprising them with a STAB electric-type Pokemon is a superb offensice technique. Tadbulb in fact evolves into Bellibolt and it’s a nice new ‘mon to make use of in Scarlet & Violet, excellent to make use of with this Soak tactic.

1/15 Revival Blessing

Screenshot Of Pawmot Pokedex Entry In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

New for Generation 9, this transfer has an enormous capacity in contrast to no different within the sport. Revival Blessing revives one other Pokemon within the get together, very similar to the Eevive merchandise. Only two Pokemon can study this transfer: Rabsca and the brand new Pikachu clone, Pawmot.

Pawmot is a superb battler within the sport with an Electric/Fighting typing, and it might probably study a implausible transfer set full with the brand new Revival Blessing transfer. This transfer is ideal for the warmth of battle when avid gamers are low on or out of Revives.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is obtainable now for the Nintendo Switch.

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